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Avala is a small mountain overlooking Belgrade and is one of the most popular and beloved picnicking areas of the city. One interesting fact is that this miniature mountain is exactly 511 meters tall, which means it managed to “escape” being categorized as a hill by only 11 meters. Avala is a location of great historic significance – it is riddled with monuments, including Monument to the Unknown Hero, Monument to the Soviet war veterans and many others located in the memorial park.

Visitors can also enjoy many tourist-friendly locations here, including a resort, a hotel, mountaineering camps, an ethno-camp, the famous landmark Avala Tower and many other beautiful locations. It is the perfect place to enjoy nature and a breathtaking panoramic view of Belgrade.

Due to its proximity to the city, this is a popular destination for mountaineering enthusiasts and the mountaineering camp in Avala offers many types of activities including orienteering, mountain biking and running and climbing (using a climbing wall).

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