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Belgrade Military Museum

This museum is one of the ‘must-see’ locations in Belgrade. It is amazingly extensive, covering Serbian military history from as early as the 7th century, it is located in Kalemegdan which is yet another must-see attraction. Specifically the museum sits on the bastion of the 1st south-eastern front of the fortress. Originally intended as the Military-Geographical institute, the museum was built by decree of prince Milan Obrenovic IV after his Minister of Military suggested it. At the time it was yet another act to celebrate Serbia’s newly won independence.

The collection of weaponry and artifacts is comprehensive – ranging from sabers and medieval armor to WWII heavy artillery sitting in the grass in front of the museum. Right after enjoying the museum, you can walk right on and take advantage of everything that Kalemegdan has to offer, its many monuments, the park, the view of the river, the sporting courts, the Zoo…

The military museum’s huge collection of armaments isn’t limited only to what’s inside the building. An extensive collection of heavy weaponry sits on the grassy areas all around the museum, including tans, heavy artillery guns and other types of large-scale weapons which represent a somewhat surreal sight to enjoy in the calm and beautiful surrounding of the Fortress.


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