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Kalemegdan Fort

Kalemegdan Fort is universally known as the ‘heart of Belgrade’ and with good reason. There was a point in history where the words ‘defending Belgrade’ related only to the small area encircled within the walls of this fort which still stand today, even though its foundation was erected by the ancient Roman legions. This area was the last line of defense against any conquering forces thanks to its strategic position right on top of the confluence of two large rivers – Sava and Danube.

Today this area represents many things to many people. It is a popular recreational area, it is a popular hangout, it is a beautiful outlook spot and it is brimming with history. Just by taking a walk on the walls of the fort you will discover monuments and museums every step of the way while enjoying the beautiful view of the two rivers below. The fort had been conquered and re-conquered, destroyed and rebuilt several times over the course of history.

It is roughly divided into several areas: Lower town (the area on the slope towards the rivers). Upper town (the elevated part of the fortress) is today a beautiful park with a promenade and a popular leisure area in the city. In addition to many monuments, including the famous monument to the Victor, there are a number of tennis and basketball courts here.

The small Kalemegdan park is located in the eastern part of the fort and the city Zoo occupies its northern part. Finally the large Kalemegdan park is on the southern side of the fort and one of the most famous green promenades in the city. Here the visitors can enjoy the military museum, the museum of Forestry and Hunting, the Monument of gratitude towards France and many other interesting landmarks.

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