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Nebojsa Tower

This old tower near the bank of Danube is a part of the Belgrade fortress which is one of the most important historical landmarks in the city. In history this tower earned the title of ‘unconquerable’. According to legend, in the times of despot Stephen the Turkish army had conquered the entire Belgrade fort except for that one tower. When they were about to claim it as well the stores of explosives in the tower were blown up, taking both the tower and most of the lower city out of the enemy’s reach.

Of course, as you might be guessing – the tower called ‘Nebojsa tower’ today is not the one which exploded back then. It is a tower which ‘inherited’ its name and spirit and stands today as a reminder of the fearless, unconquerable ‘Nebojsa tower’. There is also a darker aspect of its history, as after the Danube port lost tactical significance it became one of the most feared Turkish prisons. A monument to Rigas Feraios, the Greek poet and revolutionary, stands in the first floor, as this artist died in the dungeons of this tower.


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Foto: Milena Arsenić
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Foto: Milena Arsenić
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Foto: Milena Arsenić