Belgrade sights

Zemun Quay

This is a huge promenade hugging the bank of Danube in the Zemun municipality in Belgrade and arguably one of the most beautiful and relaxing locations in the city. If you are looking for a place to go on a long, refreshing walk or a bicycle ride – this is it. The proximity of the river makes the temperatures much more bearable in the summer days and the quay is a landing area for many boats that use the river and make for a charming sight.

There are many cafes and restaurants, you may rent out bicycles and there are also many attractions to keep children happy, the entire place is covered in greenery and overall has a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. As a popular landing area for the boats of Danube, this is where some of Belgrade’s most popular raft restaurants (“splavs”) can be found.

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Zemunski-kej-1-Pavle-Kaplanec - Pavle Kaplanec - SegwayBeograd
Foto: Pavle Kaplanec
Zemunski-kej-2-Pavle-Kaplanec - Pavle Kaplanec - SegwayBeograd
Foto: Pavle Kaplanec