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Belgrade “Splavs” (Rafts)

A unique attraction in this city which sits on top of two joining rivers are the famous ‘Splavs’ – restaurants, cafes or taverns which sit on top of rafts alongside the river banks. There are many of these available to visit throughout the city and usually visitors can enjoy contemporary folk music and traditional food and drinks there. Many of the Splavs have their own styles and themes, but they all promise a good time and a night spent in dancing and drinking. The most famous and popular areas with the most successful Splavs are the bank of Sava in the Old Fairground zone, as well as the area of the Zemun quay (a lovely area to visit regardless) and of course the famous Ada Ciganlija.

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Splavovi-Ušće-Milena-Arsenić - Milena Arsenić - SegwayBeograd
Foto: Milena Arsenić
Splavovi-Brankov-most-Milena-Arsenić - Milena Arsenić - SegwayBeograd
Foto: Milena Arsenić