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Church of the Holy Mother of God (Ruzica church)

This tiny church is one of the visually most interesting religious buildings in Belgrade. It merited its name because of its charming exterior – completely covered in greenery, vines and roses. (Ruzica = diminutive name for rose). It stands close to the walls of Kalemegdan fortress so it is an easy location to stop and visit when you are touring one of the most famous attractions of the city.

There are two bronze statues at the entrance ‘standing guard’ as the people like to say. One represents a medieval Serb and the other a Serbian WWII soldier. The church is very beloved by the citizens of Belgrade and still in use today. Despite the small size of the church, meticulous attention went into decorating its interior and exterior. The iconostasis was carved by Kosta Todorovic, while the icons for it were painted by Rafailo Momcilovic. The interior of the church is also covered in paintings created by the Russian artist Andrej Bicenko.

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Crkva-Ružica-1-Pavle-Kaplanec - Pavle Kaplanec - SegwayBeograd
Foto: Pavle Kaplanec
Crkva-Ružica-2-Pavle-Kaplanec - Pavle Kaplanec - SegwayBeograd
Foto: Pavle Kaplanec