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Museum of Yugoslav history

This huge establishment consists of three major parts: the main exhibition, the House of Flowers and the old museum. Each of them is worth visiting as they offer a wealth of knowledge on the time of Tito’s rule and Tito himself. The museum strives to present the idea of Tito as what it truly was in history: a phenomenon and a myth and tries to show both sides of the coin in the whole matter. It is brimming with valuable period art and research and is the absolute perfect place to learn about this interesting period of Serbia’s history.

The museum operates with a policy of open dialogue, knowledge exchange, inclusiveness and participation, especially from the audience of the museum. The museum has taken great care in being easily available to absolutely anyone interested, stemming from the idea that every citizen of the country – rich or poor – has the basic right to learn about their heritage and history. Various kinds of exhibitions and programs, both educational and entertaining are available for all visitors of the museum.

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Foto: Pavle Kaplanec
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Foto: Pavle Kaplanec