Belgrade sights

Terazije square

This is the second most popular meeting place after Republic square in Belgrade.
Terazije is an area located right off King Milan’s street.

The most famous two landmarks located on this square are the ‘Moscow’ hotel and the Terazije fountain.
It is also connected to the ‘Green wreath’ (Zeleni venac).

This square is not the bustling hub of history that the Republic square is, but that certainly doesn’t mean it hasn’t got its own merits.

The Terazije fountain located on the square is very old. Its construction began as early as 1859 and back in the day it was a huge attraction, drawing in people from the entire district to gather and watch.
It wasn’t long before the cheerful Serbs turned the area of construction into a vibrant meeting place and every evening music could be heard, performed spontaneously by accordion-players, drummers and organ grinders who’d gather there.

This atmosphere remained until today, as the square is still a very popular gathering place, surrounded by many cafes and restaurants.


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Terazije-terazijska-cesma-i-hotel-Moskva-1-Pavle-Kaplanec - Pavle Kaplanec - SegwayBeograd
Foto: Pavle Kaplanec
Terazije-terazijska-cesma-i-hotel-Moskva-2-Pavle-Kaplanec - Pavle Kaplanec - SegwayBeograd
Foto: Pavle Kaplanec
Terazije-terazijska-cesma-i-hotel-Moskva-4-Pavle-Kaplanec - Pavle Kaplanec - SegwayBeograd
Foto: Pavle Kaplanec