Belgrade sights

Usce (Confluence)

This is an area in New Belgrade settlement located close to the river which was where it got its name from.
It is abundant in green areas and many events such as concerts and festivals take place here throughout the year.
This is a mostly non-residential area which instead holds many pedestrian zones, cultural and historical objects.
The business and trade center “Usce” is located here – a popular destination, the Park of Friendship is in this area, the Contemporary art museum, the main building of Serbia’s military, many monuments and sculptures and other content.

The events which take place here are usually held on the large plateau that occupies a 10Ha area. Probably the most famous event held here is the Beer Fest. Somewhat infamous but interesting anecdote is that the Beer Fest previously used to be held in Kalemegdan until a young man in a state of inebriation climbed into the bear cage in the nearby Zoo.


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Ušće-2-Milena-Arsenić - Milena Arsenić - SegwayBeograd
Foto: Milena Arsenić
Ušće-3-Milena-Arsenić - Milena Arsenić - SegwayBeograd
Foto: Milena Arsenić
Ušće-Milena-Arsenić - Milena Arsenić - SegwayBeograd
Foto: Milena Arsenić