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Nikola Tesla museum

One of the most iconic and interesting people in Serbian history is Nikola Tesla, the inventor, engineer and futurist. He is fascinating not only as a genius, but also as a peculiar person who had many eccentricities and unique views on life. His life was marked by many exceptional discoveries, a tumulus rivalry with Thomas Edison and a constant struggle to make sure the public accepts his revolutionary ideas. He had curious living habits, including the fact that he (reputedly) slept only four hours every day. Some anecdotes even claim that the only sleep he ever got were brief shuteye periods he’d spend sitting in a chair with a metal bowl in one hand and a spoon in another. When he’d nod off enough to drop the spoon into the bowl, the clattering noise would wake him and he would resume his work.

These and many other interesting facts can be explored in the museum dedicated to this great man, which is located in the center of Belgrade and is a perfect place for someone who wants to learn something fascinating, but doesn’t have much time to spare. The museum is small, but chock-full of history and interactive exhibitions. Visitors of the museum have reported that it takes around 45 minutes to complete the entire tour so it’s perfect for anybody who is pressed for time. The museum also has an extremely large collection of documents, books and magazines, photographs, plans and designs created by Tesla to provide an insight into this great scientist’s life and mind.


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